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Infant CPR by Latched Support

  • When: Tuesday, October 19, 2021,  6:00 pm -  7:00 pm
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: Free

Infant CPR-Virtual Class

Welcome to Latched Support Virtual Classes! Newscasts are filled with stories about SIDS, drownings, accidents, and other scenarios involving babies and children. Knowing that you are responsible for keeping your baby safe is scary for any parent. What would you do if your child was choking or stopped breathing? Could you save your baby’s life? This virtual class instructs parents or caregivers on how to perform choking and CPR procedures on a baby if they have a breathing or cardiac emergency. While this does not replace an accredited CPR class, this class will familiarize a person on these important lifesaving steps

- FREE diaper/pull-up pack to be picked up safely at a designated Latched Support office

For more information or assistance with registration please call. 210-504-8015


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