Fun 4 Alamo Kids Franchise For Sale

Are you looking to start a home-based business? Do you want to provide your community with a much needed service? Do you want a flexible schedule that allows you to work around your family? Become a Fun 4 US Kids franchisee today!

Fun 4 Alamo Kids is a member of the Fun 4 US Kids network of websites that provide families with all of the kid friendly resources and events in local communities. Families use Fun 4 Alamo Kids website to find local businesses that offer services for their kids and to find upcoming family friendly events in San Antonio. Local businesses use Fun 4 Alamo Kids to reach families and to promote their services and events. Fun 4 US Kids websites are run by local parents who manage the website and promote it in the community.

Fun 4 San Antonio Kids serves Bexar County. The population of this market is 2 million+.

Minimum Franchisee Requirements

  • Must live in Bexar County.
  • Must be able to work full time on the Fun 4 Alamo Kids business. Buyer may not own another business or work full time at another job.
  • The franchise requires a minimum of 2 people to run the business. 1 person must be solely dedicated to managing the website content. The current content manager can stay on board if desired, or buyer may hire their own content manager, or bring on a partner to handle the content.
  • Sales Oriented (no experience necessary)
  • Team Player
  • Be involved in the community

The franchise fee is $25,000 for the market as is. We are open to breaking the market into smaller areas, in which case, the franchise fee could be less depending on the size of the market the franchisee purchases. (Franchise fees are based on population.) $25,000 is the franchise fee for a brand new, undeveloped market. We are not asking for any additional amount even though this business is fully built up with 4900+ directory listings, and a full calendar of events. Fun 4 Alamo Kids has 24,000+ Facebook followers, 6,500+ email subscribers. The site has competitive site traffic - averaging 100,000+ page views/month. Qualified candidates may be eligible for an SBA small business loan.

There is a $750 a month maintenance fee which may go up annually depending on site traffic levels. The maintenance fee covers all the expenses of running and maintaining a website business. We are able to keep the investment low because this is a home-based business. You don't have to rent work space, or purchase expensive equipment. All you need is a laptop, a smart phone and access to the internet!

In the past 12 months the business has generated over $30,000 in revenue. Recurring advertising deals will convert to the new franchisee. Most of the sales on the site are from businesses that contacted us about advertising. Because this is a corporately owned site, we have not had enough resources to devote to growing sales on the site like a franchisee would. Most franchisees spend 30-40 hours per month working on selling ads, and we have been spending 4-5 hours a month - mostly just focusing on replying to sales inquiries we receive. Franchisees keep 100% of the revenue they earn from selling ads on the website. Fun 4 US Kids does not charge royalty fees. Franchisees set their own rates, and negotiate their own deals for advertising. Franchisees may also negotiate trade deals such as tickets, goods, or services in exchange for advertising. There is no territory restriction for the businesses you can sell advertising to. We also work together to sell ads on each other's sites.

No website design or development experience needed. We offer full training and support on every aspect of the business. Our franchisees love working from home, spending more quality time with their families, having flexible hours, contributing to the family income, being involved in the community and running their own business. Our most successful franchisees are sales oriented, outgoing, self-starters, and team players. Contact us today if you want to learn more!

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