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Cascade Caverns - Tours

Cascade Caverns - Tours

Daily Cavern Tour:
Your guided 45 minute to one hour tour takes you through corridor after corridor of timeless beauty.
The tour leaves continuously throughout the day but check seasonal schedules for specific times during the year.
Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a camera!

Adventure Tour
Ready to get muddy, become the speluDSC_5464happynker you always wanted to be, learn about cave hydrogeology, and go into the lower depths below the lake of the Cathedral Room? Now is your chance! Sign up for one of our upcoming tours. Training is included along with free rental of the gear necessary to make the journey if you don’t have your own.
Adventure tours are approximately 2 hours and require you to sign a release form. Adventure tour participants must be at least 16 years of age and anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or chaperone.
These tours are held the first Saturday of every other month.

Flashlight Tour
On the first Friday of every other month we’ll have an extended nighttime tour using only flashlights and candles in the Cave. You’ve gotta come out to join us for this unusual, and not-so-scary nighttime tour. What is most interesting is that our blind salamanders seem to know when the sun goes down, even though they can’t see and they are 10 stories down beneath the surface, far from sunlight’s reach. Is it magnetism, dead reckoning, or something magical? We don’t care as much as we do to be able to see these beautiful ghostly creatures. They’re so cute, even without eyes. Their stylish red external gills and slow moving prance make them the hit of the tour.
Type of Tour
North of I-410
226 Cascade Caverns Rd
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