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Kids Club Online: Kid Made Modern’s Summer Camp Craft with Michaels

  • When: Thursday, July 22, 2021,  4:00 pm -  5:00 pm
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: See site for details

We’ll create tiny tents using wooden craft sticks and felt strips for a striped fabric tent. Each tent can be customized with sequins, pom poms, rhinestones and other elements from the Kid Made Modern Art & Crafts Library. These tiny tents can be built upon with more elements to create your own entire campground or just a single tent will be an adorable summer craft to sit on a nightstand or play with through the whole sunny season!

Recommended Age: All Ages
Skill Level: All Levels
• Wooden Craft Sticks (included in Kid Made Modern Art & Crafts Library)
• Felt Strips in various colors (included in Kid Made Modern Art & Crafts Library)
• Paint (Sample also uses a top coat of glitter paint)
• Hot Glue (with the supervision of an adult) - White Craft Glue will work as an alternative as well)
Optional Supply List: The following items are elements that can be used to decorate your miniature tent, but any craft supplies will work as well. • Rhinestones • Fuzzy Sticks • Felt strips • Glitter


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