Zookeeper Talk with Amanda & Jordan!

  • When: Wednesday, June 24, 2020,  8:00 pm -  8:45 pm
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: Free

Join us for a very special Zookeeper talk with our special guest Jordan Veasley (aka Jungle Jordan) for a special Zookeeper talk. Join them as they chat about their experiences as zookeepers, and their efforts to spread the word about animal conservation.

Who is Jungle Jordan?
Jungle Jordan is a passionate individual who cares for wildlife and is in love with sharing his passion and knowledge with others. Bringing awareness about wildlife conservation is the main goal. Jungle Jordan hopes to inspire others to do what they love despite social norms and social expectations. Jungle Jordan is ambitious and enjoys connecting with a wide variety of people!

As an African American male, it was often hard for him to grow up having a passion for wildlife because nobody understood him. It wasn’t common to be a person of color in the field of study that is wildlife. He wanted to change that so people of color, young and old, could learn that it is alright to be different and follow their heart in whatever they want to do. Having them understand wildlife would be great, having them appreciate themselves for who they are and what they are passionate about is greater.

What does Jungle Jordan do?
He uses social media platforms to spread the conservation message and educating the world about why wildlife matters. Using Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok,(@JungleJordan23), Etc. to reach a different group and informing them about how important and how fascinating animals are and that they need our help.
It is also a big goal to bring more diversity into the animal care/wildlife field.

How does Jungle Jordan do it?
With his platform, He's been able to make videos about important wildlife conservation topics in a fun educational way. These videos have reached many people and have opened opportunities for me to give presentations at schools. Being able to speak with young students in person is such an empowering eye-opening experience. It is moving to see these young students light up when I share with them facts about the animals I have worked with, and even more empowering to visit low funded schools connect with the kids have fewer opportunities because I grew up in a similar situation. These kids get to see me, someone who looks like them, succeeding in something I love.


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