San Antonio
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Saturday Morning Classes at Whimsy Art Studio

  • When: Sunday, September 16, 2018, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Location: 2211 NW Military Hwy., Ste. 116 // San Antonio, TX 78213
  • Cost: $25

- Saturday morning classes are open to ages 6 years and up. Parents may attend and paint with their children if they prefer and pay for both. They are also welcome to remain for the class, but not actually paint. There is no additional cost for adults to chaperone their children. Please do not bring other children who are not registered to paint. Feel free to relax at a nearby coffeeshop while the kids paint if you prefer 90 minutes to yourself while the kids have fun. Just remember to return in time to get them by the scheduled ending time.

To register please go to our website's calendar and click on the image you want to paint.


- We do not offer childcare, so please do not bring other children to the class who are not registered/are younger than permitted. Please make other arrangements for their care.

- Only actual painters who have a paid registration and their chaperone are permitted.

- Please do not register or bring to class children younger than the permitted age for a class.


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